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Gold Inspiration: the brass

If the main goal is turning gold inspired decor and designs, into even more elegant designs. If the idea is accomplish that, while maintaining the image of strength and fortitude. Then gold brass is your material.

Brass was mostly used in creating certain design products or smaller details, such as lighting and hardware. Nowadays, however, it’s a high end feauture. Why? Because it has a glamorous look, which fits well in a luxurious ambience and trasnforms one simple piece of furniture into a luxurious item.

Harpia Suspension by Luxxu Modern Design & Living
Harpia Suspension by Luxxu Modern Design & Living


The adaptability of this material is one thing that makes it so sought after. Other is the availability of brass on different shades. At last, its durability, since it’s very easy to retain its quality. But the most important feature is exactly the diversity of looks and vibes conveyed.

BRABBU's brass inspired ambience
BRABBU’s brass inspired ambience

The brass colored products don’t have to actually be handmade or crafted in brass. The basic material can be metal or other, and then having a brass color plated finish. Several luxury furniture, lighting, hardware and decor brands go for this approach. As such, many of this products have diferent metallic brass finishes (silver, copper, gold).


Brass Samples
Maison Valentina’s Aged Brass, Casted Brass, Polished Brass with gloss, Polished Brass finishes (above) and BRABBU’s Brass Brushed Aged, Brass Aged, Brass Matte, Gold Brass Patina finishes (below).


Eden series by Boca do Lobo
Eden series by Boca do Lobo

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