How to Master Living Room Ideas in Scandinavian Design

How to Master Living Room Ideas in Scandinavian Design

Insplosion brings you the perfect ways to create beautiful living room designs in Scandinavian Design. Look out for our scandinavian inspirations and how to master them in living room designs.

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How to Master Living Room Ideas in Scandinavian Design

As the name suggests, Scandinavian Design is inspired by Scandinavian countries. But what does that imply or mean in terms of structure or rules of design for this interior design style?

Scandinavian Design implies that the interior design will be relatively simple and in touch with nature since the nordic countries have a close relationship with nature. Nature is perhaps the biggest influence in Scandinavian design, inspiring in its designs through materials, organic forms and nature-inspired patterns.

Also, Scandinavian design is very practical and a believer of function, meaning that every design or piece of decor with a Scandinavian design is created based on those values, functionality and practicality.


How to Master Living Room Ideas in Scandinavian Design

To design a Living Room according to Scandinavian Design, it’s a MUST DO to pay attention to details and décor, because if what you want is a gorgeous yet cosy Scandinavian designed room, the best option is to rely on décor.

The decor will provide your Living Room Inspiration with that unique touch, without having to exaggerate in the interior design to make a scandinavian statement. The thing about Scandinavian decor is that it doesn’t need to be opulent or in big amounts to make a statement. It can be the simplest day to day objects or accessories, just as it can be furniture or lighting inspirations.
How to Master Living Room Ideas in Scandinavian Design


In a Scandinavian living room, color can be included although in minimum quantities. In Scandinavian design, function rules over aesthetics, therefore makes sense that color is minimal or very soft.

Patterns, in general, can also be included in the design. However, again, in small amounts or else it will cause dispersion of the Scandinavian style. Geometric patterns are another story, since they’re very much associated to Scandinavian design.

Wooden floors and furniture elements are another features of the Scandinavian interior design, maybe since its proximity with nature. In the same line of thought, plants are a always present element in these ambiences.

Rugs and blankets made of fur or wool are a piece of decor, commonly seen in Scandinavian interior designs.



Other Scandinavian Design ambiences may present a more elegant and chic Scandinavian design. It’s not uncommon. The principles and features of Scandinavian Design are the same, still having the same inspirations.


How to Master Living Room Ideas in Scandinavian Design


The mix of styles with Scandinavian Design is a normal approach, if following the basic rules of this nordic design. Mostly commonly, you’ll see Mid-Century and Industrial Design, separately, with Scandinavian Design. Either Scandinavian, either mixed with mid-century or industrial design, lighting is a great way to do decor. Lighting inspirations are a soft touch compared to other approaches.

This ambience does it, joining Mid-Century light colored mid-century armchairs, with wooden floors and walls and a beautiful Duke suspension light from DelightFULL.



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