How to use wallpaper as Decor

Wallpaper Decor

How to use wallpaper as Decor

Decor usually refers to the ornamentations of furnishing in an interior design project. Sometimes, even is thought to refer to room accessories. The decoration of a room is not that simple, especially if want it to have coherence with the room design itself.

That said, there are several ways to decorate a room. The wallpaper is a creative way to embellish a room without much effort.

The great thing about wallpaper is that it no limitations on its use, meaning that it can be used in any room, on every wall or just one wall. Wallpaper allows for the representation of almost anything on a wall. Since it has it’s design printed ?? in its surface and is then glued to a wall, you can have it designed any way you want.Also, when designed and put on the wall, that’s it. For wall paint, the whole process is different, because if you want any design in your wall, it would have to be painted and then let it dry. This option takes much more time and effort, without warranties that the final look will look as envisioned.

Other option to either, is industrial walls but that’s an inspiration for another time!


Residential Ambiences

Wallpaper Decor

From the Bedroom to Bathroom, from the Living Room to the Kitchen, wallpaper has been largely used in home designs as an alternative for wall paint.

And more, the possibilities are infinite when it comes to wallpaper. If you want to decorate a room according to a certain theme, it’s easier if you set the mood for the room on a bigger surface and then organize the decor according with the that theme.

Wallpaper Decor

If the theme is a tropical one, with exotic and vibrant colors, the furniture and further decor can be more sober. The ambience above represents that choice, having a very exotic colored wallpaper combined with sobre grey furniture and decor.

The ambience below is another beautiful mix of a tropical and vintage, with an exotic green floral wallpaper combined with a vintage wooden bed and white wood nightstand, with gold lamps and a black with gold touch mirror.

Wallpaper Decor

Depending on the room and each person’s taste, the wallpaper can be different and so can the whole room design. In the ambience below, the wallpaper denotes a more feminine room, alternating between the wallpaper of light blue background with flamingo and, light pink painted wall.

The mood set by the wallpaper decor is complemented by the white and light pink furniture.

Wallpaper Decor

Even bathroom designs can evoke immense beauty through wallpaper. Either exuberant and classic, either mid-century, a Bathroom design is just easy to decorate since the requirements for the room are less. For a bathroom, the wallpaper just needs to be combined with the bathrooms appliances and lighting.

Wallpaper can be used as the out of the box element. Once you use wallpaper, as wild or antique it looks, it’s easier to organize the decor and furniture around it.

In some gold inspired wallpapers, the choice of color depend on the contrast. For gold wallpapers, choice of decor would be the lighter of the shades on the wallpaper such as white. In others, the shade in less amount such as in a gold background with black designs, black would be the choice for furniture and decor.

In white background wallpapers with either metallic gold or silver designs, the decor can be alternated between gold or silver to combine with the wallpaper.

In more colorful wallpapers and ambiences, the wallpaper its definitely the mood setter. Mostly, you can have a colorful wallpaper and just choose some colors on the wallpaper, using them on furniture such as sofas and armchairs, even consoles and rugs. Or you can have a colorful wallpaper combined with a white or colored wall, arranging for the decor to be in that color and, therefore, establishing a general connection in the room.

Commercial Ambiences

It’s not unusual for commercial and hospitality interior design projects, to include wallpaper as a way of design style and decoration. Depending on the business, the room can have the theme. That theme can be the main point of guidance for the room design and the wallpaper can represent that theme. It’s creative and can add that unique touch on the room, without having to go overboard on other details.

Wallpaper Decor


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