5 Color Trends for 2019

5 Color Trends for 2019

Color Trends for 2019

Color is what makes any room vibrant without any doubt. Designing a room according to color mixes and trends, always works well and it provides a lot of creative liberty, meaning on the infinity of things you can include color.

New year, new trends on everything, meaning color isn’t an exception.

We know the Pantone color for 2019 is Living Coral. But that doesn’t mean other color won’t or aren’t a trend for this year.

We can say this: 2019 is bold. Between bold vibrant colors such as red, metallic shimmers and dark colors,  2019 is exploring new shades on existing colors. It’s color innovation itself!

Like Pantone, several market reference companies which job is using color, like paint companies and such, have already launched their guide of color for the year.

Color Trends for 2019

But nevermind that, what matters are the 2019 color trends for Interior Design and Decor! Let’s see 2019’s top colors and how to use master them in any room.

1st Color forescast: Deep Greens

Deep Greens forecast color translates the need to bring nature and outdoors inspirations into a home design. This dark and intense inspired colors allow for a giant palette of greens and amplifies the creativity one can have with, for example, floral and forest designed wallpapers.

2nd Color forescast: Misty Blues

Misty Light Blue Living Room Inspirations

Misty Light Blue Living Room Inspirations

Misty Light Blue Living Room Inspirations

Misty Blues is supposed to include a wide range of light blues, bluish greys, even blueish lilacs, meant to inspire calm and relaxation in any room they’re used.

No matter the materials or textures they’re combined with, Misty Blues is a color trend that just adds a calm mood in any room it’s applied, either in walls or furniture. It’s meant to create a mood in a room for people to feel comfortable in.


3rd Color forescast: Bold vibrant yellows

Bold color choices are used, normally, to make a statement. Bold yellows have been a great trend forecasted for 2019, given the itensity of the shade and the vibrancy they add to an ambience.

Bold Yellow is very easy to blend with either light or dark backgrounds, even with other exotic colors.

4th Color forescast: Neutrals

Neutrals Inspirations

Neutrals Inspirations

 Neutrals are usually used to create cosy and comfortable rooms for people to relax and enjoy their home. As a shade, Neutrals englobes a wide range of colors, going from beges, to taupes and others.

Neutrals work very good in combinations of textures and materials, often used on fur rugs or pillows, velvet sofas or stools and many other upholstery and accessories.

5th Color forescast: Orange Terracota

Orange Terracotta is a beautiful sober color which also brings the elements and the nature into any room design. A gorgeous color with a rustic and rusty look meant to put at comfort, in a more vintage and relaxed set, although it also fits very well on more bright, exuberant, luxurious settings.

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