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Minimalistic Living Room Inspirations

Minimal is an Interior Design style which focuses on functionality, instead of only the aesthetics. Keeping a room simple on design and decor can also be a trend.

Minimalistic Interior Design insists on beauty and elegance. As interior design style, it consists of simplicity and functionality.

The ambience above, by  Oleg Trofimov is a representation of some characteristics of minimal design will see next. The simplicity of the space, the simple choice in furniture and decor and, the materials chosen for each piece on the ambience. All of it, says minimal design.

Some focus of minimalistic design is having homes free of any unnece1ssary furniture or accessories and, using the maximum of natural light.

Minimal Living Room Inspiration by Igor Sirotov Architects
Minimal Living Room Inspiration by Igor Sirotov Architects

Minimal home designs don’t have a fixed structure. As s0, apartments or rooms designed according to this style, can have a model of separate divisions or open space.

Designed by Igor Sirotov Architects, the ambience above is stunning. This whole apartment designed with the functionality and gorgeous elegance minimalistic features.

On minimal furniture or accessories, the main point is not in how it looks or the details of the products It’s all about what materials were used and how functional in the products used on decor.

On color, the minimalistic design uses more bright yet neutral shades, which isn’t to say that minimalistic home designs can’t have dark colors. As long as the other features in minimalistic design are achieved, the minimalistic ambience can have darker shades as background.

Clear walls with few or none decorations is key. Any furniture or surface must have clean lines and without clutter.

The previous Minimalistic ambiences were designed by Oporski Architektura.

A perfect representation of the key features of this interior design style, these ambiences achieve every requirement for minimal design.


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