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Minimal Dinning Rooms Inspirations

Minimal Interior Design bases its designs on the principals of  functionality and beauty. So, like any other minimalistic room, Minimal Dinning Rooms use a policy of less is more.

Oporski Architektura is one of the most referenced architecture names when searching for minimalistic interior designed rooms. Every ambience by Oporski Architektura has the most basic and necessary things, mostly.

The following ambiences designed by this architecture firm follows the key feautures of minimalism and of minimalism by Oporski Architektura.


On color, the choices are the most basic. The color schemes variate from white to grey and to black, maybe some taupes, but that’s it.




The shapes of the room a furniture design are clear. There’s a predominance of geometric lines and angles, and straight lines. Which does not interfere with the room having some irregular shapes on decor.

The chairs on the dinning room ambience below, are bright white, so much that at first look they look like any other chair. However, the chair’s back have geometric angles, that both emphasize the simplicity in white and are emphasized by the color.



Materials are a must on minimal design. They can be used as much as you want, since they’re one of the focus in Minimal Interior Design.

The ambience below is much more beautiful, yet still minimalistic, with the presence of the rough wooden surface of the dinning table. The combination of the translucent chairs with geometric angles just makes the table stand out more. Like the table, the ambience also stands out more.

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