Top 5 Must Have on Luxury Bathroom’s

Top 5 Pieces Must Have on Luxury Bathroom's

Top 5 Pieces Must Have on Luxury Bathroom’s

Bathroom Inspirations by one iconic luxury bathroom brand, Maison Valentina. Maison Valentina has 5 iconic inspirational collections that will make any bathroom stunning.

The biggest transformation for modern bathrooms is what they are made of. Not only for being spacious, but its features materials and finishes, which create the luxurious look.


Diamond Collection

Maison Valentina Diamond Collection
Maison Valentina Diamond Collection
Maison Valentina Diamond Collection
Maison Valentina Diamond Collection

Inspired in the gorgeous jewel, Diamond. Another inspiration was the ancient greek terminology for diamond, meaning “unbreakable”.

The obvious idea was borrowing the features of a diamond, creating bathrooms designs which could transpire those features. Timelessness, durability, beauty and brilliance. All of those were imprinte in this collection by Maison Valentina.

The Diamond Collection above presents its bathtub, washbasins and towel rack. However it also has a Diamond Stool.


Lapiaz Collection

Lapiaz Collection by Maison Valentina is inspired in the typical karst formations caused by the dissolution of limestone rocks.

It consists of a solid base of a combination of polished brass tear and a polished casted brass, with gold interiors and mirrorred effect of stainless steel. The simplified idea of this collection focus on its finishes as polished brass, mirror and lacquer.



Koi Collection

The KOI Collection was inspired in the Japanese culture, particularly the KOI carp which a usual symbol of Japanese culture.

The bathtub, the washbasins, the freestanding and the stool compose the Koi Collection. The general design of each consist in panels of scales, with differente finishes on the top surface. The bathtub has an interior brass surface, which reflects light. The washbasins and freestand have a upper base made of black marble. The stool has an upper base of black velvet.

Maison Valentina Koi Collection
Maison Valentina Koi Collection
Maison Valentina Koi Collection
Maison Valentina Koi Collection


Newton Collection

As its said by Maison Valentina, this collection as a motto that fits perfectly, Newton: The Collection That Defies The Laws Of Physics. The aim of this collection is absolute boldness and exclusivity. There’s no other kind of collection even similar to this.

The Newton Collection is considered to having a futuristic design, made of black and gold spheres, like bubbles in a bath. The choice of color for the spheres adds a luxurious and elegant mood to the bathroom.

The Newton Collection consists of a bathtub, washbasins and freestands. All available in shades of white and black.

Maison Valentina Newton Collection


Symphony Collection

Inspired by music, sound and all around it, the Symphony Collection has a design that includes elements and features of musical instruments such as church organs, violins and others.

Designed by Maison Valentina, it combines the following gold brass design on most of its structures, combined with black or white bases, of marble and other materials.

Maison Valentina Symphony Collection

Maison Valentina Symphony Collection

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