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Minimalistic Offices Inspirations

Minimalistic Office Inspirations

A minimalistic office is just like any other minimalistic room. The only difference is that instead of being for leisure, it’s for work.

Minimal Interior Design is defined by a policy of less is more. Lesser the clutter and bigger the simplicity of the room design, the more minimal is the office room. However, for a working place, there’s the need for other items. Storage, shelves, tables, chairs, lighting, maybe curtains for windows.

Also, the shape of the design. Minimalistic Design is very stubborn about shapes. Minimalism does emphasize the use of straight clear lines on the room design itself, yet also on every surface filling the room.

The ambience above is a Yambo Studio design.  Is a mix of white background and nature-inspired, with both wooden elements and some plants.

Minimalistic Office Inspirations by DNA Concept

This ambience by  DNA Concept is another perfect example of minimalism, with a white and neutrals color scheme, straight line on every surface, a bit of natural light and only the essentials for work.

Most of minimalistic designed rooms use a color scheme of neutrals. Neutrals are a regular choice in minimalism.

Studio Aa created a whole office based on a soft minimal luxury look, with big windows, painted white walls, metal contours on rooms and furniture, good balance of natural light and lighting designs. Although more luxury minimal, than just minimal, it’s still minimalistic design.

HelleFlou also has a look of minimal luxury. Uses neutral shades, in texturized fabrics for the floors of a space cubicle, the workspace is open-spaced and divided in cubicles, with soft grey lighting designs and minimum clutter.

However, other minimalistic offices can still be defined by Minimal Interior Design features and yet, have some pops of color.

Anna Jopek created a minimalistic space on white background, with straight lined surfaces and just a pop of color on the light pink chair.

Artpartner created a more colorful minimalistic space in white, white little storage geometrical designed items and pops of color on the yellow chair and one of the storage items.


Office by Post Formula
Office by Post Formula

This office by Post Formula just reinforces the idea of minimalism above described. Straight lines, neutral shades and less clutter.


Minimalistic Office Inspirations by Davide Tezza
Minimalistic Office Inspirations by Davide Tezza

This office ambience by Davide Tezza is the perfect nature-inspired home office, with a rough surface wall, mixed with wood furniture such as the wall of shelves and suspended table. The full sized wall window is also inspiring.


Minimalist Office by Anne Sophie Goneau
Minimalist Office by Anne Sophie Goneau

The ambience below, by Anne Sophie Goneau is a design created for a digital design company in Montreal. The scenario is white and industrial, which the designer used in to follow up on the minimal office look. Rooms for meeting were created separatedly, in cubes. The open workspace is also minimalistic with full lines of white tables and the essentials for work on the tables.

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