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Pantone Color for 2019 | Insplosion

Pantone Color for 2019

Pantone Color for 2019

Every year, Pantone chooses a color that will be the reference. In 2019, the Pantone chosen color is 16-1546 Living Coral.

Pantone is a reference in color creation or development, on many levels. It sets the color choices and combinations for fashion, industrial and interior design.

Credits by Pantone
Credits by Pantone

This year’s color by Pantone is Living Coral, inspired on the beauty and vibrancy of the gorgeous sea coral reefs, with its amazing textures, warmth and resistance.

These are all inspirational features the color transpires in any type of design it’s used!

As a joyful color, it will lighten up any design in which is used. In Interior Design and Decor, Living Color can be used in many ways.

Let’s check some ambiences with Living Coral!

As a bold color itself, Living Coral can still be easily combined with several other colors, some neutral and others equally bold.

Pantone Color 2019 - Color Combinations
Pantone Color 2019 – Color Combinations

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