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Top Designers Dining Rooms

Having a Designer Inspirational Room to base our own design is always better if the aim is to create an elegant, well designed and decorated the room.

Well, if you have a renowned Top Designers were to be the inspiration for a room, that would be magnificent. You can almost be provided with numerous tips on design and decor, just by looking at the ambience.


Take a close look at some of the Top 100 Best Designers in the World!


Tom Dixon Dining Room


This amazing, industrial-looking Dining Room by Tom Dixon is a stunning ambience by the renowned designer.

Combining several different materials in one room, Tom Dixon manages to create the greatest ambience of an industrial dining room, mixing his Gold Brass Dining Table, with gold accessories and with dark blue dining chairs, even a gold brass bookcase on the side of the room. The ambience gives the impression of a modern and luxurious industrial interior design style.


Francis Sultana Dining Room


Francis Sultana Dining Room consists of an exotic and vibrant ambience. Full of colour, the designer didn’t have a specific colour scheme, except maybe the white wall background.

The designer combines a bit of everything, from materials to colours and from classic designs to modern touches on Decor. The room is filled with top design pieces such as the Consoles Vignette on either side of the fireplace.


Kelly Wearstler Dining Room


Another amazing Dining Room by Kelly Wearstler for a warehouse transformed into a residential loft in Soho, New York.

The designer inspired herself in the industrial features and adjusted them to create a bold yet functional home design. The room was designed with bold graphically patterned floors. Combined with industrial blue leather dining chairs and gold metal table, bold gold lighting suspensions and a lot of patterns on decorative pieces.


Kelly Hoppen Dining Room


This is a stunning Dining Room by Kelly Hoppen, this ambience is a beautiful mix of a white and black colour scheme, with metallic copper shimmers.

The room has gorgeous dining chairs in shades of white and maybe taupe, with black and copper legs. Combined with the patterned rug, it’s perfect. But it’s the use of the metallic shade of copper that elevates the design in the room, by contrasting with the colour scheme and emphasizing the design and beauty on furniture pieces such as the console or the Shield dining Table by the designer. Plus the lighting design shape and copper colour, also makes the room stand out more.



The Bulgari London Flagship Store Dining Room by Peter Marino is exquisite on interior design and decor.

The renowned designer renovated the entire store space, which has several floors. The Bulgari store has a VIP area beside the store space itself but also has a space for events, where the designer created a living and dining room. The dining room therefore is made in italian walnut parquet, from the floors and up the walls. What stands out in the dining room set is precisly the dining chairs inspired on Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra costume, which was adjusted into Osvaldo Borsani dining chairs.


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